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Alexander Rose has been a leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture since 1994 and has built a reputation as a market leader for high-quality wooden furniture. For over twenty years, he has been designing classic wooden benches, tables and chairs using a variety of durable, hard woods. The wood is carefully selected for its properties, which means you are sure that the best wood furniture you will find on the market is offered.

Cornis Mahogany Painted Acacia Pine Roble
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Alexander Rose - solid wooden garden furniture

The Alexander Rose collection offers a complete range of responsibly sourced wood furniture. High-quality hardwood is produced from Bolivian roble, one of the strongest and most durable types of wood in the world. The second range of hardwoods is the Cornis line, which is carefully grown in managed forests in the Congo, Central Africa. A range of mahogany-style benches and swings is also offered, and recently an exciting new collection of this classic wood has been introduced. You will also find a full range of European pine, which is particularly suitable for rustic furniture. New England Collection - is produced using a variety of acacia wood, which is then covered with white paint. The Old England furniture collection is made of acacia wood painted gray. Alexander Rose has the widest selection of wooden benches in the country, and has developed a pioneering curved backrest that has become an established design.