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Alexander Rose is a high quality outdoor furniture manufacturer and also one of the largest suppliers of wooden, rattan and metal outdoor furniture in the UK. The company was founded in 1994. Alexander Rose furniture is considered the most durable furniture in the world!

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Portofino Parasol Tilting 2.4m


Alexander Rose aluminum umbrellas are easy to operate with a simple crank and tilting mechanism, which allows you to position the canopy at the right angle to provide effective shade from the sun.
The addition for 2022 is a luxurious aluminum and solid 3.0 m charcoal umbrella.
Our popular aluminum umbrellas are now available in 3 colors
tailored to your taste. Made of durable olefin fabric, these
umbrellas are easy to clean and easy to use thanks to the crank handle and tilting mechanism. Choose your color to create your own style.