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In Strade Garden you will find a wide range of garden chairs for purchase per item or in sets. Our chairs are very durable and weather resistant. You will find many styles and materials they have been made of, so you can make the best choice.

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Garden chairs made of aluminum. Wooden garden chairs. Rattan garden chairs

On sunny days, for many of us, the garden naturally becomes an extra living room. The garden furniture should be in good condition so that the guests can spend their time comfortably. If you need new garden chairs, the S trade awaits you with a wealth of choice. We have a wide range of models made of various materials. You will find, for example, chairs made of solid hardwood, aluminum, plastic and steel.

Tourist chair, classic wooden chair, garden bench or children's chair - in S trade you will surely find the furniture exactly you are looking for. You can choose a set of garden furniture with a table and a set of matching chairs.

Garden chairs are used not only to sit around the garden table. For example, set two classic wooden chairs, aluminum or rattan chairs in the corner of the garden to create a pleasant resting place, and one practical chair with a footrest set in the middle of the lawn will help you to enjoy the summer sun.

Instead of a chair you can choose a garden bench: attractive wooden bench, aluminum or rattan bench in the garden in front of the house creates a nice and friendly atmosphere.