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Bird Baths

On hot summer days, residential birds in the garden often use human assistance functions.
Set up Bird baths on the route or in the garden to help Mother Nature.

Birds are happy to use you to visit to quench your thirst and take a bath (Bird baths). A Bird baths gathered in a quiet but visible place where you can relax and watch the happy birds.

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Minel solar bird bath water feature, height 106 cm


This elegant water fountain can become an impressive center in your garden and is perfect for placing it in a sunny spot surrounded by blooming flowers. The traditional fountain brings a sense of class and luxury like in a Victorian garden.
The fountain is completely self-sufficient and solar powered, so you can place it anywhere.

Maleda bird bath water feature, 71 cm


This elegant fountain is made of organic resin, although it looks like it is made of ivory. A delicate fountain exudes an aura of wealth and luxury in your garden or home and will surely become an impressive center of the place where you choose to place it.

Bird Baths

Set the Bird baths the shade because the water evaporates quickly

Bird baths - Standing? Hanging?

Which Bird baths  should I choose? Depending on the conditions at our disposal, whether it is a flat in a block of flats or a garden, we have a wide range of choice.
Hanging drinkers are perfect for trees, balustrades or verandas.
For those who appreciate the classics, we also have classic, standing stone Bird baths
Whatever your choice, make sure you top up your water supply. Having a Bird baths in your garden, we invite not only birds, but also insects, who will gladly spend some time there.