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Figures for different occasions (Display Creations)

Different occasions call for a variety of decorative as well as gift solutions. Birthdays, holidays, parties with entertainers, commercial spots and many other events, require specific decorations. In many public places, such as shopping malls, cinemas, or restaurants, you can come across interesting figures that you would love to decorate your own home with. Responding to our customers' needs, we created Display Creations, a field that specializes in such decorations. We are talking about themed figures that will work well in both public and private spaces. They are applicable not only among occasions, but also in advertising, animation and even exhibition issues. They are great for industry events, or as decorations for your store.

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Crafted garden statues

Figures from Display Creations collection are high quality products, made with great care and attention to details. Moreover, their versatility and robustness have been proven by many customers. With their various sizes, styles, patterns and shapes, they can be placed in completely different places from each other. To make sure that the products we sell are the perfect realization of our idea, we reached for solid materials to perpetuate our work. What is important, the figures from our store are fully resistant to external factors, namely they are characterized by frost resistance, as well as resistance to ultraviolet radiation. All this so that they can serve you for many years.

Interior and exterior decorative figures

Our decorative figures come in a wide variety of shapes. From Halloween monsters, Santa's sleigh, to realistic trees, plants, and even animals and people. As you can see, we have a diverse and wide range, where everyone can find something for themselves. We mentioned that Display Creations products are resistant to outdoor conditions. That's why it's worth touching on the materials we use to make them. Fibreglass, metal and fibreglass resin are some of the most commonly used materials to create our figures. Fibreglass is characterized by chemical resistance, durability, hardness, strength, as well as transparency. The positive characteristics of the metal are its opacity, density, and effective metallic lustre. With such features, our products are durable, robust and original.

A combination that works well for our projects is stone and fibreglass resin. Otherwise, known as GRC, it is now one of the most widely used natural materials, with exceptional durability and texture. This duo features tremendous strength, robustness and resistance to outdoor conditions. Figures created just from these materials invariably serve for many years. We also want to be clear about the purpose of the products we are discussing. They are great for animation, Christmas, garden, commercial, display, fairy tale. They can be placed in malls, playgrounds, parks, branch markets and other public places. If you have doubts about whether they will also work for your company, then contact us. We will be happy to advise you and try to find the best possible solution together.

Display Creations Decorations

When it comes to the sizes of our ornamental figures, they are usually within a specific range. The moment you need a larger size than the one specified in the description, please contact us, and we will certainly work something out. Figures created from GRC and painted with special products to resist colour loss in areas with bright sunlight. Because of this, you don't have to worry about whether a product from our store will survive harsher weather conditions. Importantly, our Display Creations catalogue has 7 themes to choose from, including Christmas elements. These products can also serve as original and unusual garden ornaments, which will surprise many guests.

If you want to see live figures of our company, we invite you to our exhibition garden located in Brzeg Dolny. Our figures can be ordered to other countries, but please contact us for shipping details before placing your order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone, email or direct.