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Galvanised Steel

Product information: Galvanised Steel planters.

Material thickness of Galvanised planters is standard 4mm. First, the steel is degreased and then pickled (to remove all surface impurities). The degreasing generally takes place with a hot, strongly alkaline solution. The steel is immersed in molten zinc at a temperature of about 460 ° C.

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Galvanised Steel

The high temperature creates an alloy. Advantages: Solid and sustainable produced (material thickness 4mm) Timeless design that can be used everywhere Easy to move; model Vadim is equipped with legs (100x100x90mm) and both models have crane hooks on the inside. Along the edges and corners, where objects generally are particularly susceptible to corrosion, the zinc layer is thicker.

Hollow products are also internally covered by a layer of zinc. Long-term corrosion resistant No after-treatment needed. Customisation possible with model Vadim only. 5 year warranty