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A reservoire or pebble pool is a container at the bottom of a water feature that stores water, houses the pump and catches the water as it falls back down again from the top of the feature.

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Reservoire in your garden can be an additional decorative element or can be dug into the ground and hidden.
They are great at ponds.
Functionality is combined with beauty if we decide to display them.

Reservoire for fountains, cascades and ponds and terrace Reservoire

Due to the desire to meet the expectations and requirements of customers, we have a very wide range of different types of reservoire.
The materials from which they were made are often an extremely important issue, referring to the style of the garden.
Modern gardens are primarily aluminum reservoire, aluminum bowls, stainless steel bowl reservoire
The industrial climate in your garden will be completed by a Corten reservoire or a Corten bowl.
On the other hand, the classic will never go out of style, and a polymer concrete reservoire (grc) or a bowl made of polymer concrete (grc) will fit in perfectly.
The tanks are characterized by high resistance to external conditions, so it is an investment for years.