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Start 1000 Staw
  • Start 1000 Staw
  • Start 1000 Staw

Start 1000 Pond


Start 1000 Pond


Start 1000 Pond

Ubbink ponds
Ubbink is a reliable and competent partner thanks to many years of experience in the design and production of joints. This guarantees high quality, optimal appearance and thus high-quality joints. This means a balanced relationship between the length, width and depth of a pond to create a functioning biotope.
Three processes are used to manufacture our joints: conventional PE joint deep drawing technique, rotational molding for special models, and traditional glass fiber mat laminating, followed by chamber drying of glass fiber reinforced joints (FRP)

Area: 3.11 m2
Capacity: 1000 L
Max. -Depth: 65 cm


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