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Swings , hammocks, rockers, sunbeds

The garden is a space where we relax and rest. These are comfortable places where you can sit or lie comfortably. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of various garden hammocks, rocking chairs, swings and deckchairs. We match them to the environment in which they are placed, and to the individual needs of users. They can be made of wood (wooden hammocks, wooden rocking chairs, wooden swings, wooden deck chairs), they can be made of metal (hammocks, metal rocking chairs, metal swings, metal deck chairs) and various weaves (hammocks, rattan rocking chairs, swings) rattan, rattan loungers)

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An offer of various hammocks, rocking chairs, swings and sun loungers for garden and terrace

If you want to lie down, relax, take a nap or read a book, garden hammocks or garden beds will perfectly suit. You can easily move them to another place if necessary, when you are looking for a different location, eg a place of peace, a sunny place or a shady place etc. Hammocks, rocking chairs and deckchairs (wooden) will find their place in every garden or on every terrace - regardless of its style. We just need a place to spread.

Swings, hanging chairs - relax on the move

For others, we have swings so called rocking garden benches. The advantage is that they can accommodate even a few people depending on the width. Such a garden swing also allows a single person to lie on the seat and indulge in relaxation. Swings can be covered, which allows you to take shelter from the sun or rain.

If you want to relax in solitude, you will find a hanging garden chair. Only one person will sit on it. Thanks to the soft seat, it is extremely comfortable and will give you a feeling of total relaxation.