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Stairs to the garden, or put on functionality

Each of us dreams of a place full of nature and tranquillity, where he can relax in every free minute. Fresh air, birdsong and a nap under these conditions is a dream come true. Of course, we mean a garden or a terrace, which, if properly managed, can become your oasis. Flower pots, stairs, flowers, garden cottages or garden furniture are just the beginning of what you can arrange in this room. It’s indisputable to say that sculptures, figures and fountains are other options that you can’t just throw away. Decorative mirrors can help to enhance your garden visually, while the barbecue is a great addition to family celebrations.

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Outdoor stairs

However, to get to all these parts of the garden, we need a decent staircase. If you want to reach the conservatory from the pool, you will also use this assortment. It is an indispensable option both on the terrace and on the green area that is located around your house.

Staircase to the terrace in different finishes

If you have a terrace, you are not limited to a garden. The staircase of our brand can be used both for the exit from the terrace and for the exit from the flat to the garden. It is up to you whether you bet on 3 levels or more. It is up to you to have a vision of how you design your green space. Our company only helps you find the best products for it. Of course, we mean an assortment that serves you for years, so that you don’t have to worry about the constant exchange every few years.

We have both decorations and garden furniture, as well as swimming pools or saunas that will influence your body soothingly. The stairs of our brand is one of the necessary things to get to the terrace or the garden. Everyone has different preferences, so we are constantly trying to expand our offer with different options. Thanks to this solution, everyone will find the perfect staircase for themselves. We pay attention to both the style and the solidity of our products. That’s why we chose the durable and best materials to offer them this.

Steel corten and its properties

Most of the stairs in our offer are made of Corten steel, which is becoming an increasingly popular option in the garden and DIY market. It is a steel alloy made mainly of iron with the addition of silicon, copper, chromium and nickel. Each of these raw materials has its own properties, which are indestructible when combined. As a result, Cortes steel products are resistant to all weather conditions.

Interestingly, a rusty protective film forms after a few months when one exposes such an assortment to external influences. It gives the whole a brown-orange shape and makes it hard to look away from it. In addition, thanks to this coating, each of our stairs are corrosion resistant and have ensured a long service life. We strive to be one step ahead of everyone, which is why our offer has been made of this raw material for a long time. This is without a doubt proof that we are up-to-date and pursue innovative solutions that we integrate into our offering.

Stairs of high quality and durability

By using Corten steel in the production of stairs, we have the certainty that they are significantly wear-resistant, which makes it possible to call them an investment. You only choose it once, and thanks to the longevity of this assortment, it won’t wear out for years. The warm and natural appearance of our stairs, allows you to bring nature into your garden accessories. This makes everything perfect for almost any country house or boho design. In addition, we offer stairs in different widths and heights.

So if you are not sure how to insert them into your terrace or garden, please contact us. Our specialists know the right measurements like no other and are guaranteed to find the best solution. In addition, they help you to decide the right type of staircase for your garden or terrace. Remember that every decision is up to you, and the best staircase on the market is waiting to enhance the appearance and functionality of your green oasis of tranquillity. We hope you have enjoyed our brand’s range of stairs. We hope you put on the best possible investment, namely street garden stairs.