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Garden ponds, garden ponds for the terrace

Garden ponds enjoy unflagging popularity. Having this water reservoir in your garden is not only aesthetic, but also practical - it's a small ecotone. Creating a pond (large pond) also means creating living conditions for many groups of insects and other animals.

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Garden ponds, only for the garden?
Does the desire to have a pond involve the obligation to have a garden? Not any more!
To meet the expectations of our customers, we have also created small bowls for terraces - eyelets in bowls. (ponds in bowls)
These are small bowls that replace traditional eyelets. Their small size allows you to place them on the terrace or veranda.

Do you have a huge garden?

The pond you create in it can be varied with cascades, the sound of water will be an additional relaxing element also attracting birds.

What kind of pond?

We've decided we want a pond in our garden - we need to make a decision about the material.
All materials used in production are characterized by high resistance to changing weather conditions.
Depending on the style of the garden, we offer plastic ponds, stainless steel ponds, Corten steel ponds, polymer concrete ponds (GRC), aluminum ponds