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Product information: Aluminum planters are made of 3mm thick Aluminum, although they can also be produced in 4-5mm. Aluminum is light, strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. The upper edge is reversed twice, which gives them a strong and timeless appearance.

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As standard these planters are equipped with 15mm high feet, so the planter is raised slightly off the ground and the water can leave through the drainage holes that these planters have. The planters are not watertight. Once constructed the planters get the following treatments:1. Roughing of the material for a proper bonding 2. Powder coated with a strong adhesive primer 3. Finished with a scratch resistant coloured coating  Advantages: Very strong, wear-resistant and durable, Light in weight, Resistant to corrosio,  Scratch resistant coating• Custom made possible and available in almost all RAL colours, Professional cleaning and care product available from us. 5 year warranty