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Choosing the right pump for your fountain, cascade, pond can be complicated, so we've tried to make the process as easy as possible.From our store, you can count on help in choosing a pump. It is thanks to these devices that we can enjoy the sounds that everyone associates with the fountain-noise of the water.

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Pond pumps

Depending on the customer's expectations and the type of fountain, we can choose the pump power so that the water gushes high up! Pumps are not only needed for fountains, pond owners should also buy them - why? The water looks beautiful in constant motion, shimmers in the rays of the sun, brings life to a constant surface of water, but also performs one more important function - it supplies oxygen to the pond.In this way, it maintains a biological balance.

Pump types: solar pumps, fountain pumps, integrated pumps with UV filter, splash pumps, dry pumps.

Wet pumps must be completely submerged at all times; this is because the surrounding water is used to cool the engine. With dry pumps, water either circulates around hot components in the pump, or sufficient cooling from the ambient air is achieved.