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When you want to keep your garden in the best possible condition, you reach for a variety of means to make it happen. Not all solutions are effective, but you usually work until you get it right. It is worth keeping in mind that helping to maintain your garden does not have to be boring, and can be original. To help our customers decorate their gardens in style while supporting plants, we have relied on innovative products. Decorative, garden and outdoor mirrors are the perfect complement to our green area around the house. They are great for brightening up shady areas, filling them with sunlight and helping plants grow. Moreover, they will optically enlarge small gardens, giving them a chance to look beautiful despite minimalism.

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Garden mirrors

What are the characteristics of garden mirrors from our store? Foremost, they are resistant to all weather conditions, so they are great for being just outside. What's more, they can also be outside in the winter, and this will undoubtedly add variety and beautify the whole thing. Moreover, their appearance is very charming and fills the gardens with mystery and originality. Due to their lightness, decorative mirrors are very easy to install and do not cause any problems in this regard. Of course, they don't have to serve any deeper function other than decorative, but it's worth mentioning that mirrors have quite a few uses. Take a look at our selection of outdoor and garden mirrors.

Decorative mirrors for the garden

You're probably wondering why we have the durability that comes with our products, which can be outdoors even in winter. First, in addition to using glass that perfectly reproduces the reflection, we add steel frames and elements. Another enhancement of our mirrors are their interesting shapes, which can undeniably be called unique. Examples include decorative mirrors in the shape of a puzzle, in the style of gothic windows, the sun, or round mirrors filled with steel flowers. It is for this reason that we find that they can serve a decorative function in addition to illuminating shaded areas. The products' craftsmanship, style and aesthetics stand on their own, taking your breath away. Despite their purpose, decorative windows will look just as great inside your home.

Because of the diversity of the assortment, we can confidently say that garden windows will fit perfectly into a variety of styles. Thanks to their wide range, they can be perfectly matched with both loft interiors and those decorated in vintage style. The only thing that limits you in this choice is your own vision and imagination. Our goal is to help you develop the potential of even the smallest garden. With a metal frame in almost every model, mirrors have a reduced tendency to corrode or rust. They also have a lightweight design that allows them to be easily installed and not difficult to hang on an adapted hook. Also, they are very easy to maintain as you just need to wipe them with a damp cloth and soap.

Decorative acrylic products

We mentioned metal and glass garden mirror options. However, in our offer, you can also find outdoor mirrors created from acrylic. What are their characteristics? Their huge advantage is that they are 80% lighter and 10 times stronger than glass mirrors. This means that they also have a longer lifespan, meaning they will serve you for a longer time. Additionally, acrylic mirrors are completely resistant to weathering and cracking. Also, a rather unusual piece of information is that the glass of some of them comes in different colours. It can be brown, purple, or even blue. This solution will allow you to give your garden a specific style and unusual character. Like glass mirrors, they come in a variety of colours and equally interesting designs. Quite often decorative acrylic mirrors, are placed in our offer, in sets. There are products with the same shape, design and appearance, but with different dimensions.

This allows you to maintain a single style using only mirrors. Among the acrylic products, you can also find an illusion option, such as a mirror gate. The frames of such products are made of weather-resistant wood that is treated and ready to be stained or painted, depending on your vision. Both the mirror and frame are fully waterproof and create the illusion of depth and space, which is perfect for small gardens. If you have any questions about decorative mirrors, please feel free to call, email or contact us directly. It is possible to ship products to other countries.