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The garden is a place where we can relax, develop our passions or do a proper workout. This is a great extra space which it is a pity not to use for activities and arrangements. For example, the green area around your house can be managed with a pool and sauna. Thanks to this, you will undoubtedly improve your physical activity and cleanse the body of toxins and the body of not very positive thoughts. In the garden, you can also develop your passion for growing plants under different conditions. In order to make it easier for you to train, relax or practice your hobbies, we have decided to use Corten steel.

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Corten steel cascade Aqua Case TB1


Model 1: Length: 100 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,
Model 2: Length: 150 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,
Model 3: Length: 200 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,
Model 4: Length: 300 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,
Model 5: Length: 400 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,
Model 6: Length: 500 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,
Model 7: Length: 600 cm - Width: 50 cm - Height 50 cm,

This raw material is excellent for different conditions and looks very original. We use it in the knowledge that it protects our assortment from external influences and will be durable due to the longevity of this product. Cortenstahl has a variety of advantages that you need to take in order to know why the whole category is dedicated to the products that are created by it.

Corten steel and its positive properties

Corten steel is an iron alloy containing nickel, copper, silicon and chromium. All these raw materials have their advantages, and in the combined combination, this is only reinforced. It is important that this material is used so often in our production due to the positive customer feedback. Those who come back very typically to get more, because they find our products so good. Well, Corten steel has enormous resistance to the effect, even the most stubborn weather conditions. Just expose it to external influences and a rusty protective film will appear after a few months.

Precisely because of her, the entire assortment of this raw material gets the orange-brown colour. Of course, thanks to its formation, the whole is corrosion resistant. In addition, Corten steel products must ensure their longevity. This means that if you choose to do so, you are actually investing in your future. You no longer have to change your garden furniture and accessories every few years. The items from our offer will serve you for a very long time. Which Corten steel garden and terrace equipment do you find in our offer?

Furniture and garden accessories

Our range of garden furniture and accessories made of Corten steel is very wide. All this so that you have the opportunity to design the entire space of your garden and terrace in one style. Some of our most popular products are Corten steel fountains and cascades. Apart from the obvious beautification of the place where they are farmed, they are a good help for peace and relaxation. The sounds of running water while lying in the full sun are undeniably a wonderful feeling. For people who love plants, we also have a large selection. These are pots in which plants can be planted that cannot grow directly on the surface of the garden. They are also a phenomenal and sought-after option for urban spaces, due to their durability and original appearance.

There is also something for barbecue fans. Outdoor grills and fireplaces made of Corten steel are an atmospheric solution for summer and spring evenings. Prepare food for your loved ones and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere among friends and family. We must also mention the beautiful water walls, which will beautify every room and take everyone’s breath away. To sum up, we can confidently admit that there is something for everyone in our shop.

Innovative terrace and garden assortment

We presented the enormous advantages of Corten steel and discussed the composition of our assortment. However, it is worth going back to the origins. Stahl corten was founded in America in 1932. It is therefore very surprising that it is only now conquering the world of furniture and construction. The name corten derives from rust, which is a protective coating of the raw material and is produced by exposure to external influences. The second syllable, on the other hand, refers to the enormous tensile strength of the material.

Corten steel is an environmentally friendly material, which can undoubtedly be described as another advantage. As far as the protective layer is concerned, the final version matures within 1. 5 to 3 years. This time depends on the conditions in which they find themselves. We are, of course, talking about a change of weather, a wet surface and a dry surface. Get acquainted with our range of Corten steel products. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail, phone or directly.