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The world continues to move, and our lives are filled with modern technologies and solutions. Most things we can do online or over the phone, and the number of things we need physically is undoubtedly decreasing. We shop online, read virtual newspapers, communicate via apps and watch any video we want. However, it is undeniable that some issues are immutable and timeless. One of them is, of course, the letter boxes, which are still needed, and it would certainly be difficult for us to give them up. We place them in front of the house so that the postman can store small parcels and important letters inside. They allow you to receive significant messages that cannot wait or be sent by email. However, to make sure your private letters and other mailings are safe, you should rely on a solid product. Trust our company in this matter.

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500x400x1200 Aluminum mailbox

Dimensions: 500x400x1200
Libra: 30 kg

870x300x1250 Aluminum mailbox

Dimensions: 870x300x1250
Libra: 41 kg

350x350x1150 Aluminum Mailbox

Dimensions: 350x350x1150
Libra: 15 kg

350x350x1200 Aluminum Mailbox

Dimensions: 350x350x1200
Libra: 14 kg

350x350x1200 Aluminum Mailbox

Dimensions: 350x350x1200
Libra: 13 kg

Letter boxes

In our industry, we rely on materials that last a long time. Small and large letter boxes are subject to the same conditions and must be protected from external influences in the same way. This has led us to use high-quality materials that are not damaged in any way, whatever the conditions at the farm. An important aspect is that we assemble and depend on our assortment of different raw materials. In addition, we rely on modern functionality, which is composed of many features. Some of our letter boxes allow you to deliver parcels when you are not there. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to go to your neighbour to buy a parcel, but only have to instruct the courier accordingly.

This is just the beginning of the benefits that distinguish our products. Don’t wait and see for yourself how much our small and large letter boxes offer you.

What materials do we make our letter boxes out of?

Aluminium letter boxes

We have already mentioned that there are different models among our letter boxes, depending on the materials they are made of. It is important to remember that different raw materials have different properties and give a product a different look. We therefore recommend that you choose this option that suits you, both in terms of appearance and your preferences for this assortment. Aluminium letter boxes are characterized by durability and high wear resistance. They have a coating that is scratch-resistant, and the whole thing is very light. In terms of optics, most models are available in almost all RAL colours.

Aluminium letter boxes are not susceptible to corrosion. It is a series very easy to clean and maintain, which will offer it a long life. Gentle detergents are enough at least once a year. In addition, you should unpack the packed aluminium letter box immediately after collection to avoid moisture. Such an event could affect the condition of the product and weaken its properties.

Corten steel letter boxes

The second commonly used raw material is of course Corten steel. It is a steel alloy made of iron with the addition of copper, silicon, nickel and chromium. It is characterized by a high resistance to different weather conditions. As soon as it is exposed to external influences, a protective layer in the form of rust forms on it. It is responsible for natural corrosion protection, and the formation of this protective barrier can take several months.

The colour of the letter boxes, which are made of corten steel, is orange combined with bronze. This material, in addition to its enormous strength, guarantees longevity and wear resistance. The important thing is that it does not require maintenance, so you don’t have to worry that your forgetfulness will affect your Corten steel letter box. Also, the warm and natural look is a great advantage that you cannot find with these models of our range.

We hope that our range of functional and tasteful letterboxes has encouraged you to familiarize yourself with our range. Receive your mail securely and without fear of something happening to your inbox. Rely on our services, and we guarantee you will not regret it.