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Other water features, cascades

This category includes garden water fountains made of polyresin, GRC and ceramic

Key characteristics:

  • RESIN - solid (a mixture of ground stone and resin), outdoor and indoor usage;
  • GRC - a mixture of concrete and fiber glass;
  • Ceramic - high quality ceramic material;

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Water fountains and water cascades made out of polyresin

Light weight, with the feel of a natural stone - bough, water fountains to be used both in your garden/patio and indoor. They are weather resistant - UV radiation, frost and moisture, which makes them an ideal decoration for your garden. They are relatively light, which allows you to easily manipulate with them and place anywhere in your garden.

Garden fountains and water cascades made of GRC

Solid garden fountains and water cascades weather resistant, an ideal addon to your garden, patio or indoor. The material they are made of makes them a great image of real natural stones, trees and boughs.

Ceramic water fountains and cascades

Our ceramic water fountans and cascades add class and style to your garden or patio, regardless whether you choose a classic or modern design.