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How do you imagine summer evenings in the garden or on the terrace differently than by a smoking barbecue? Our company has decided to create a collection that will not only allow you to spend your time pleasantly but will also become an added charmfully designed with the latest trends in mind with a stylish addition. We want our product to be more than just a barbecue, which is used only in moments of meetings with friends. Our goal is to create a unique heating furnace that will serve you every day.

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Grills, BBQ, Outdoor Fireplaces

Garden grills are eagerly chosen not only by private persons, but also owners of premises and boarding houses who want to guarantee their guests an unforgettable stay. They appear in richly decorated gardens, providing visitors with the expected entertainment and rest.

Elegant garden grills are different from the usual ones, they are able to do more than just fulfill themselves as equipment for cooking. Visible in this category, although grills intended for grilling, they also work well in the form of heating furnaces that heat on cool evenings. Such equipment for the garden and garden decoration is therefore a great idea for those who like to spend time in the garden even in autumn.

Garden grills - Wrocław

We are constantly improving the products we offer. We use only proven materials that you can trust. Grills are made of stainless steel and concrete. Unique appearance, high quality materials and easy operation - these are the three factors that make the popularity of aesthetic furnace grow. Ceramic grills are also available. With full garden equipment you can get acquainted with our facility in Wrocław.