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Steel fountains

Yard fountains made of stainless steel, zinc, copper and other alloys are very popular water features among gardeners and garden designers. With water flowing over and around the steel  it will without doubt add a crisp, modern edge to any garden or simply provide the look of any modern-styled courtyard, deck, patio, restaurant,office etc.

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1000x250x1000 Aluminum Freestanding Water Wall VM2.6.600

Dimensions: 1000x250x1000
Libra: 31 kg


1200x250x1000 Aluminum Freestanding Water Wall VM2.5.600

Dimensions: 1200x250x1000
Libra: 35 kg


1500x250x1000 Aluminum Freestanding Water Wall VM2.4.600

Dimensions: 1500x250x1000
Libra: 53 kg

2000x250x1200 Aluminum freestanding water wall

Dimensions: 2000x250x1200
Libra: 62 kg

2500x250x1200 Aluminum freestanding water wall

Dimensions: 2500x250x1200
Libra: 75 kg

3000x250x1200 Aluminum freestanding water wall

Dimensions: 3000x250x1200
Libra: 91 kg

1000x250x600 Aluminum water wall

Dimensions: 1000x250x600
Libra: 21 kg

1200x250x600 Aluminum water wall

Dimensions: 1200x250x600
Libra: 25 kg

1500x250x600 Aluminum water wall

Dimensions: 1500x250x600
Libra: 30 kg

2000x250x600 Aluminum water wall

Dimensions: 2000x250x600
Libra: 39 kg

2500x250x600 Aluminum water wall

Dimensions: 2500x250x600
Libra: 47 kg

3000x250x600 Aluminum water wall

Dimensions: 3000x250x600
Libra: 56 kg

3000x700x700 Aluminum Water block

Dimensions: 3000x700x700
Libra: 209 kg

700x700x700 Aluminum Water Block

Dimensions: 700x700x700
Libra: 79 kg

4000x1000x400 Aluminum watertable with bowls ADABS3

Dimensions: 4000x1000x400
Weight: 108 kg

5000x1000x400 Aluminum water table with ABS2 bowls (4 bowls)

Dimensions: 5000x1000x400
Libra: 133 kg

1000x400 Aluminum round water table

Dimensions: 1000x400
Libra: 26 kg