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Do you associate time in your garden with spending time with family and friends? It is obvious! However, it is worth taking care of the quality and aesthetics of the place. Arranging the environment in which we spend our time is an important element, as your satisfaction has the highest value. Want to find the perfect garden furniture and decorations to suit your needs, then check out our range. For a long time, we have been creating remarkable garden equipment that are eye-catching with their originality and quality that can be seen for years. We cater to our customer's needs and strive to make our product range suit them. We treat everyone with due individuality, willing to advise on the final choice. But what is in our offer?

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Our garden equipment consist of items such as garden sets that will allow you to host guests without worrying about seating. What kind of furniture is included in such sets? These are mainly garden benches, garden chairs, garden tables, swings and many more. As you can easily see, everyone will find the most comfortable piece of furniture for themselves! Garden loungers or garden chairs are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable pieces of garden furniture. They are perfect for sharing a coffee with loved ones, as well as for relaxing in the sun after a hard day. Their use is up to you, we provide durability and solidity that will make your garden equipment serve you for many years.

Garden furniture sets for your garden

Due to the requirements of our customers, we offer a variety of options for garden equipment. These are not only garden furniture, but also barbecues, fire pits, or garden fireplaces. These are perfect for summer bonfires and barbecues with loved ones. Moreover, they will make the atmosphere of the evening pleasant and comfortable. It doesn't stop there, though! Our assortment also includes a convenient option like portable garden lights, or tool boxes to help organize and deploy your tools. Moreover, you will find rainwater containers, flower pots and decorative elements.

Our products will blend in with a variety of styles. Traditional and modern style garden furnishings with elements of hand-curved steel tubing. Whether you're in love with glamour style or arranging your garden and home in boho form. Garden equipment and furniture from our store are suitable for a variety of arrangements. Thanks to this, virtually everyone will find something for themselves and the style in which they decorate their home along with garden. We are open to out-of-the-box solutions and are happy to assist in their implementation.

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So that you can properly complete any arrangement with garden furniture, we have included in our offer accessories, which will be perfect for this task. We mean cushions, which will perfectly complement the armchairs and garden chairs. Despite the great resistance to the elements, the furniture should have extra protection. That is why our assortment includes covers for furniture. They work great both at night, protecting against moisture, as well as during winter. Umbrellas for the garden, created to protect against sun, rain and other weather conditions, are also items worth mentioning. This is just the beginning of the wide range that awaits you in our store.

We know how important it is for a customer to trust a company. It is the opinions of those we work with that build our reputation and allow us to continually grow. This is why the materials we use are highly resistant to weather conditions. So you are guaranteed that it is an excellent investment for years to come. With this solution, you will not have to care too much about constantly protecting your garden equipment from the elements. We realize that it is the whole that defines, the style and character of a given arrangement. That's why it's so significant to us that garden sets are well finished and wow your guests.

We invite you to take a look at our offer before making a decision to buy. If you want to see live garden equipment, which is shown on the website, we invite you to Brzeg Dolny. For other customers from other cities and countries, we offer safe and convenient mail order.